PTSD The Self Healing Guide

Healing from PTSD can be a long road. This new book can help you.

Advance notice of a soon-to-be-published book on healing your PTSD.

Brought to you by Vivienne Gardner Edwards, owner of

Are you suffering from the effects of PTSD?

Have you tried drugs or other treatments and found they don't work?

Are you a family member or a spouse of someone who has PTSD?

Is PTSD taking a toll on your relationship?

Have you given up thinking that your life will ever be any better than it is now?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you.

You will learn, in easy to understand terms, why PTSD has taken over your life.

You will find a smogasbord of things to do to help with the symptoms.

You will understand how you can heal yourself.

You want to feel better.

You want to be rid of the demons that attack you out of the blue.

You want to feel 'normal' again.

You want to go out in public or to a ball game with your friends without having a melt down.

You want to enjoy life with your family without PTSD in the way.

This book was created primarily for Veterans but many other PTSD sufferers will benefit too.

Release date is sheduled for early 2013. For more information or to contact Vivienne, please go to her author website or email her directly at vivienne (at )

Vivienne was a guest speaker on American Heroes Network. Archives of the hour long presentation can be found here. Go to the Listen Live link.
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